A Safer, More Effective Cleaning Treatment for Micro Irrigation Systems


  •  Savings on water, labor and hardware expenses.
  • A non-caustic substance substance for a safer workplace.
  • Benefits to the soil for greater sustainability.

Drip Irrigation and other micro-irrigation technologies have given growers unparalleled water efficiency,  putting precise amounts of water exactly where it’s needed.    But even the best designed irrigation systems with the most  advanced filtration can’t prevent mineral reducing bacteria from clogging emitters and filtration systems.  Drip irrigation only works when the system is clean and water distribution is uniform so keeping it clean is the key challenge to getting the most out of irrigation water.

Phyto-Cat is a liquid fermentation treatment that rapidly breaks down the bio-films that cause scaling, allowing mineral and organic material to flow out of the system enriching and oxygenating the soil.   It represents a leap forward in irrigation maintenance technology; a completely safe water treatment that reliably keeps irrigation systems running clean while enhancing the health of the soil.  Until recently growers have had to use chemicals such as peroxide and acids which pose a hazard to workers and are of limited effectiveness.  Phyto-Cat offers a  leap forward in both efficacy and safety.

One gallon of Phyto-Cat per acre per year prevents the need for manual cleaning and flush outs with hazardous chemicals.  On one California vineyard a $70 treatment of Phyto-Cat eliminated over $300 per acre in labor, equipment and water costs.

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About Phyto-Cat


PhytoCat is a proprietary formulation of the Bio Organic Catalyst company of Costa Mesa California.  Bio Organic Catalyst technology is a green, non-toxic, chemistry model that uses micro-bubbles to break apart organic materials and accelerate decomposition and has provided clean cost effective solutions in wastewater and anaerobic digestion. PhytoCat is a new formulation designed for use as an agricultural input.  Having shown results in improving soil health and root growth, PhytoCat was also discovered to be vastly more effective at keeping irrigation systems clean then existing caustic chemical options.

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Phyto-Cat Testimonials

Phyto-Cat has helped growers save time, money, water, and their own skin! Hear from the farmers themselves about how the latest irrigation cleaning technology has improved the profitability and working conditions of their businesses.

Lake County, California

Tarcisio “Taucho” Corona compares working with PhytoCat to using caustic peroxides for agricultural irrigation cleaning on systems supplied with iron rich water.

Chalone Apellation, California

​At Chalone Vineyards, Richard Boer discusses the effectiveness and water savings using PhytoCat for drip irrigation cleaning.

Sonoma County, California

At Sebastiani Vineyards in Sonoma,  PhytoCat provided dramatic labor savings.

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Our Sales Team

DAVID J. PRUM, Westcoast Sales Manager

David has been selling Bio-Organic Catalyst formulations since 2009.  His experience with water, biology and energy includes: commercial cleaning for the food industry, wastewater treatment, industrial odor control, paper making, and agriculture. He is based in Wheatland CA.

LEONARD D. ROSINSKI Southeast Sales Representative

Leonard has built companies in several industry sectors into successful performers, working in positions ranging from Head of Sales & Marketing to CEO, with a specialization in developing small companies into attractive acquisition targets for larger companies. He lives in Columbia SC.

ADAM P. DIXON, Adviser

Adam has focused on renewable energy and sustainability since 2002, co-founding the company Ecoenergen GmbH (Austria) to develop systems for distributed and off-grid electricity generation, electricmobility, and water desalination. He is Co-Founder and President of Applied Constructal, Inc. and is a Board Member of The Livestock Conservancy. He currently lives in Wilton CT.