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If you are interested finding out more about how Phyto-Cat can address your specific irrigation challenges,  get in touch using the from below or by phone.  We will respond quickly to work out a solution.

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Our Sales Team

DAVID J. PRUM, Westcoast Sales Manager

David has been selling Bio-Organic Catalyst formulations since 2009.  His experience with water, biology and energy includes: commercial cleaning for the food industry, wastewater treatment, industrial odor control, paper making, and agriculture. He is based in Wheatland CA.

LEONARD D. ROSINSKI Southeast Sales Representative

Leonard has built companies in several industry sectors into successful performers, working in positions ranging from Head of Sales & Marketing to CEO, with a specialization in developing small companies into attractive acquisition targets for larger companies. He lives in Columbia SC.

ADAM P. DIXON, Adviser

Adam has focused on renewable energy and sustainability since 2002, co-founding the company Ecoenergen GmbH (Austria) to develop systems for distributed and off-grid electricity generation, electricmobility, and water desalination. He is Co-Founder and President of Applied Constructal, Inc. and is a Board Member of The Livestock Conservancy. He currently lives in Wilton CT.