Complete Drip Irrigation Cleaning Without Acids or Caustic Chemicals

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Drip irrigation line and manual disc filter for drip Irrigation before and after cleaning with phyto-cat. Sustainable irrigation maintenance.Phyto-Cat is a revolutionary new treatment for drip irrigation cleaning.  Drip Irrigation and other micro irrigation technologies provide farmers with unparalleled water efficiency.  The biggest challenge in any micro irrigation design is the problem of mineral deposits and scaling which necessitates irrigation cleaning.

Scaling is comprised primarily of mineral particles from the water but is the result of biology growing inside all irrigation systems. Bacteria secrete polysaccharides that glue minerals together to form scaling. Phyto-Cat is a liquid fermentation treatment that rapidly breaks down the bio-films that cause scaling, allowing mineral and organic material to flow out of the system enriching and oxygenating the soil.

Cleaning drip and micro-irrigation saves the farmer on labor expenses by drastically decreasing the amount of manual cleaning  that needs to be done.  Phyto-Cat saves water by eliminating the need to flush out the system during the growing season.   Phyto-Cat is completely non-toxic and water treated with Phyto-Cat is safe for contact with human skin, eliminating the need for farm workers to handle hazardous acids and caustic chemicals.

A gallon of Phyto-Cat per acre per year avoids the need for manual cleaning and flush outs with hazardous chemicals.  A $70 treatment of Phyto-Cat per acre per year can eliminate over $300 per acre in labor, equipment and water costs. Phyto-Cat positively impacts the overall health of the soil and root systems by maintaining high oxygen levels that support healthy aerobic microbial conditions.

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Grower Testimonials

Wine grape growers in California began using Phyto-Cat to clean their drip irrigation systems in 2016.   You can hear about the benefits to their business and working conditions directly from the people using Phyto-Cat for drip irrigation cleaning.


 More Effective than Peroxide and Completely Safe


Tarcisio “Taucho” Corona compares working with PhytoCat to using caustic peroxides for agricultural irrigation cleaning on systems supplied with iron rich water.


Substantial Water Savings


​At Chalone Vineyards, Richard Boer discusses the effectiveness and water savings using PhytoCat for drip irrigation cleaning.


  Labor Savings


At Sebastiani Vineyards in Sonoma,  PhytoCat provided a spring cleaning and the prospect of dramatic labor savings in irrigation cleaning.